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Transmille 2080 Test Box For 17th Edition Electrical Test Equipment

Use the Transmille 2080 for the verification of 16th Edition Electrical test equipment
transmille 16th edition elelectrical test equipment check box
Was £239
Now £199.00 + VAT
includes FREE Calibration Certificate

2080 Tests 17th Edition Insulation Testers
2080 Tests 17th Edition Loop Testers
2080 Tests 17th Edition RCD Testers
2080 Tests 17th Edition Continuity Testers
2080 Tests 17th Edition Multi Function Testers

The Transmill 2080 allows managers, supervisors and electricians a fast way of carrying out regular verification of the most used 16th edition electrical test equipment. Its low cost, portable and can be used on or off site. Its ideal for the verification of RCD Testers, Earth Loop Testers , Insulation and continuity testers and can also be used on the newer combined / multi-function installation testers. Use it to identify faulty instruments, faulty test leads and avoid both wasting and costly mistakes.
Transmille 2080 Features:

Checking Insulation & Continuity Testers

 • 3 high value resistors (1Mohm, 9.9Mohm & 99Mohm) for testing the insulation resistance measurement function.

 • LED indication of test voltage at 100V • 250V • 500V • 1000V  • 3 low value resistors ( 0.5ohms, 2ohms & 10ohms) for testing the continuity function.

 • AC line voltage output for testing voltage measurement

Checking RCD Testers
• Dedicated 13A socket provides functional check of RCD tester operation

 • 3 selectable ranges : 10mA@150ms • 30mA@150ms • 150mA@30ms

 • Indicators for Ready • Tripped • Over current
Checking Earth Loop Testers

A functional check of LOOP Testers, allowing direct measurement of supplied loop impedance and supplied loop impedance + 1 ohm via a dedicated 13A socket

Wiring Checks

When connected, the 2080 checkbox will indicate voltage between the following wires *

P-E (Phase to Earth) • P-N (Phase to Neutral) • N-E (Neutral to Earth)

* Does not detect Neutral to Earth reversal


Specification summary:

Loop Testers:

Supply Loop • Supply Loop + 1ohm : 5%

Insulation Testers:
1Mohm : 9.9Mohm : 99Mohm : 1%

Max. Test Voltage 1.2kV

Continuity Testers:
0.5ohm : 2ohm : 10ohm : 1% ± 20mohm

Max. Current  300mA

RCD Testers:

10mA (Nominal) @150ms30mA (Nominal) @ 150ms

* Prices excludes delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20%
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