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PAT Training Services Limited
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PAT Training Services Limited
1 Aston Court
Town End Close

   Tel: 0113 2489966
   Fax: 0113 236 1006

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PAT Testing Accessories, PAT Adaptors, Printers, Barcode
Scanner, Publications, DVD's, Software

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PAT Testing Adaptors for Extension Leads and Appliances
(Earth Bond & Insulation tests only)

PAT adaptors - Click image to see Our PAT Test adaptors allow you to test 110V equipment, 230V equipment & 415V 3 phase equipment, extension leads and IEC leads. We have PAT Test lead adaptors for 16A, 32A, 63A, 4 pin, 5 pin, star and delta connections including industrial 3 phase Portable appliance adapters.
Click PAT Adaptors to see them.

Barcode Scanner Code: BAR CODE SCANNER
Handheld Barcode Scanner speeds up inputting appliance ID's into your PAT tester
Non contact Barcode Label Scanner to be used with PAT Testers

The Barcode Scanner is ideal for PAT testers that read barcodes. Simply plug the scanner into your PAT tester and you are ready to go.The Barcode Scanner is compatible with Seaward's Europa and Supernova series, Metrel Omega and BetaPAT range, Megger PAT4DV/3 range, Martindale MicroPAT Plus, Fluke 6500, Robin SmartPAT 5500, Kewtech KT74 & KT75 and Transmille 6080 Plus.

We also supply our Barcode Scanners with 1000 Barcode Appliance ID Labels (worth £39) FREE OF CHARGE.


Was £149.00

Only £95.00
Click here to add a Barcode Scanner  to your basket
RS232 to USB PAT Download Adaptor Code: RS232 ADAPTOR
RS232 to USB Adaptor

Are you struggling to find a computer with a RS232 comm port, matching download leads supplied with your PAT tester?
This small adaptor will convert RS232 download leads into USB. For use with all downloadable PAT testers that download via RS232 leads.

Only £22.50
Click here to add a RS232 to USB Adaptor to your basket
PAT Certificate Pad Code: PAT CERT PAD
PAT Certificate Pad for PAT record keeping and certification

The new "PAT Training Services Ltd" PAT Certificate Pad is the perfect solution for people involved in PAT Testing who do not have a downloadable PAT Tester.
This easy to fill in PAT Certificate Pad has been produced by us to conform with record keeping in line with the new 4th edition of the "IET Code of Practice ". It enables each person performing pat testing to create a PAT Certificate, by logging every formal visual & combined inspection and test record . There is even an example of a PAT Certificate for reference on the inside front cover make filling in the pad easier.

The PAT Certificate Pad contains 100 certificates, and each can be used on the same appliance up to 5 times.


Only £9.95

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PAT Register Book Code: PAT REG BOOK
PAT Register Book

This handy little A5 PAT Register Book acts as a log book of the electrical appliances in your workplace. Use it in conjunction with the PAT Certificate above to maintain records of your appliances and their PAT test history.


Only £7.95
Click here to add a PAT Register Book to your basket
Microwave Leakage Detector Code: MD2000
Microwave Leakage Detector

The Microwave Leakage Detector gives you a digital readout of the leakage (mW/cm 2) detected as well as an audible warning when leakage exceeds the allowed limit.

This Microwave Leakage Tester is designed to measure leakage in accordance within BS EN 60335-2-25:2002 for domestic microwave ovens, and within BS EN 60335-2-90:2002 for Commercial microwave ovens.

Extremely easy and straight forward to use!


Was £99.95

£ 59.95
Click here to add a Microwave Leakage Detector to your basket
Seaward PAT Checkbox Code: PAT CHECK BOX
Seaward PAT Checkbox 227A910

The Seaward PAT Checkbox 227A910 has been designed to provide a safe, simple and quick means of checking the calibration of PAT Tester, to ensure accurate portable appliance testing. The Seaward PAT Checkbox will also check Portable Appliance Testers by Fluke, Martindale, Metrel, Megger, Transmille, Robin, Kewtech and many other PAT Testers from different manufacturers.


Was £172.00

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SimplyPATs Version 7 Manual Software Code: SIMPLYPATS-MANUAL-V7
SimplyPATs Manual Version 7 PAT Testing Software
The SimplyPAT Version 7 MANUAL Software is ideal for anyone wishing to store and manage their PAT results and information electronically but only have a Manual and non-downloadable PAT Tester. The SimplyPAT Version 6 Software has all the functionality of the full version but cannot accept results from a downloadable PAT Tester. Data must be input manually. This is an ideal, versatile and low cost solution to storing your PAT data electronically. A versatile software package for a very low price. FOR MANUAL PAT TESTERS ONLY.


Was £129.00
Only £69.00

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IET Code of Practice Publication - 4th Edition - Latest version

The new IET Code of Practice 4th Edition has been revised to incorporate a risk-based approach to assessing the safety of electrical equipment and appliances. In addition to the PAT Testing requirements are new risk assessment guidelines that enable duty holders and PAT testers to ensure that a fully compliant health and safety management system is in place. Information on the law, testing procedures, faults, pass and fail levels, formal visual inspections and risk assessments are all included. (ISBN 978-1-84919-626-0).


Only £45.00

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Safe Block Adaptor  Code: QUICKTEST BLOCK
Ideal for testing appliances without a plug and also a quick, safe and convenient method of connecting electrical flexible leads to the AC mains supply temporarily. This Safe Block has a tough plastic case with colour coded cable clips and 13A fuse. It can be used free standing or bench mounted. Its ideal for appliance manufacturers or people wishing to PAT test fixed electrical appliances after having safely disconnected fixed electrical appliances from the fixed wiring of the building.

Only £35
Click here to add a Safeblock Adaptor to your basket
IEC Clover Adaptor   Code: IEC CLOVE
IEC Clover Adaptor
This IEC (kettle lead) to Clover Lead (mickey mouse) is ideal for adapting leads noramlly found on projectors & laptop chargers and will suit any PAT Testers tool kit!
Rating: 10A @ 125V / 2.5A @ 250V
Insulation Resistance: 100Mohm
Dilectric Voltage: 2000V/sec
Plug Adapter IEC60320 C6 Plug to IEC60320 C13.
Adapt a IEC 320 C14 Male Plug (10 Amp 250 Volt shroud) to fit into an IEC C5 outlet.

Only £8.95
Click here to add a Safeblock Adaptor to your basket
PAT Tool Kit  Code: PAT TOOL KIT
This handy little PAT Tool Kit comes with rugged carry case with lid and contains 3 amp fuses, 5 amp fuses, 13 amp fuses, pass and fail labels, plug checked labels, equipment ID labels, fine permanent marker pen and all purpose screwdriver/voltage tester/microwave leakage tool. Make things easy for yourself and buy a PAT Tool Kit today.


Only £25
Click here to add a handy PAT Tool Kit to your basket
IEE de of Practi3rd En - Latest version
Seaward Test N' Tag Printer and Printer Kit Code: TEST N TAG PRINTER


Seaward Test n' Tag Printer 308A924 for PAT label printing
Seaward's part no: 308A924

The Seaward Test N' Tag Printer Kit is for use with the Seaward Europa Plus or Supernova Plus PAT Testers. The Test N' Tag Printer will print a barcoded label speeding up labelling while implementing a barcode traceable appliance register. The Test n' Tag label contains a barcode, appliance ID, Pass/Fail test results, test date and re-test date and test engineer. You can even add your own company logo and phone number to the label. The printer is sold seperately or as a Seaward Test N' Tag Kit with a Barcode Scanner and carry case. The Test N' Tag printer can also be used with the Seaward Primetest 300 and Primetest 350 PAT Testers using the optional Seaward blueooth adaptor. The Test n' Tag printer is also sold as part of Seaward Europa Plus PAT Tester Kits and Seaward Supernova Plus PAT Tester Kits.

**Please Note: This product has been discontiuned, replaced by the Seaward Elite Label Printer.**

Seaward Test N' Tag Label Cartridges Code: TEST N TAG CARTRIDGE
Seaward Test n' Tag Cartridge (black on yellow)
Seaward Black on Yellow
Test 'n' Tag Printer Cartridge for use with Seawards Test n Tag Printer (Black on Yellow)
List price £32, part no. 3

TESTCARTYELLOW Click here to add a Test N' Tag Cartridge (black on yellow) to your basket
Seaward Test n' Tag Cartridge (black on white)
Seaward Test n Tag Printer Cartridge
(Black on
List price £32, part no.342A912

Click here to add a Test N' Tag Cartridge (black on white) to your basket

Seaward Test n' Tag Elite Printer Code: TEST N TAG ELITE

Seaward Test N' Tag Elite Bluetooth Printer
Seaward's part no: 339A970
The top of the range PAT Label printer for Seawards battery powered Primetest 300 and Primetest 350. The Test n Tag Elite Printer operates via bluetooth technology and is therefore the best printer option for the Primetest 300 range. The labels printed will display the test date, re-test date, test engineer, pas/fail status and a barcode with the appliance number. The Test n' Tag Elite printer is battery powered with battery management for longer life and performance.
The Seaward Test n' Tag Elite printer is the most advanced and highest quality PAT label printer on the market today.

Was £939.00

Only £575.00

Click here to add the Seaward Elite Test n' Tag Printer to your basket

Seaward Bluetooth Scanner Code: BLUE TOOTH SCANNER
Seaward Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Wand
Seaward's part no: 339A923

A small and portable Bluetooth interfaced Scanner Wand. Made to be used with the Seaward Primetest 300 or Primetest 350 and a Barcode Label Printer such as the Test N' Tag Elite. Ideal for mobile applications, and powered by 2 standard AAA batteries. The Seaward Bluetooth Scanner makes an audible beep when it reads the barcode.
The ideal scanner solution for the Seaward Test n' Tag Elite Printer.


Was £404.00

Only £255.00
Click here to add a handy Seaward Bluetooth Scanner to your basket
Test 'n' Tag Elite Printer Label Rolls Code: ELITE LABELS ROLL
Labels for the Seaward Test n' Tag Elite Printer - Seaward Part no. 399A041

Seaward Label Roll for the Test N' Tag Elite Printer. Approximately 185 Labels per roll, averaging your label cost at just over 8p per label. All appliance information is displayed on the label along with a barcode tied to the appliance ID number.

ELITELABELSROLL Click here to add  a Test n' Tag Elite Printer roll to your basket
Megger PAT Label Printer For Code: MEGGER 1001-046

Megger PAT testing label printer7
Designed for use with the Megger PAT410, PAT420 & PAT450, this Megger label printer rapidly produces durable barcoded pass/fail appliance labels. Simply connect it to the Megger PAT tester with a USB cable and power up the printer.

The TZ-251 label cartridges for this printer provide black text on a white background with approximately 150 labels per cartridge. One is supplied with a new printer


Was £205.00

Only £120.00

Megger TZ-251 Printer Cartridge
Megger TZ251 Label Printer Cartridge
Designed for use with Megger's PAT printer above. This Megger Printer cartridge produces labels that are 24mm wide with black text on a white background, these are then laminated inside the printer and come out with a self adhesive backing that can be used both outdoors and indoors, ideally suited to flat surfaces..

The TZ-251 label printer cartridges provide approximately 150 labels per cartridge.


Was £35.40

Only £19.80

Click here to add the Megger TZ251 printer cartridge to your basket
Electric Plug Safety Lock with Lockable Padlock Code: PLUG LOCKS

These electrical plug safety locks are for UK 3 pin plugs, they are highly visible and stop connections to mains supply (Plug Safety Lockout). Easy to fit, just line up with the pins of the plug then push gently down until the plug lock rests on the face of the plug. Then tighten up the lock screw with a small screwdriver and then fit and close the padlock. The unit is vandal resistant and ideal for use on office equipment, power tools, computers, servers etc. Only removable with key. You can also fit to faulty appliances to prevent connection to the electrical supply - ideal for hard to move bigger electrical appliances. Many people use in appliance repair centers to safety lockout appliances they are repairing so that no one inadvertently plugs in appliance, thus reducing the risk of electrocution and shocks in the workplace.

Plug lock with Padlock £20
Click here to add a Safety Lock for UK 3 pin plugs to your basket
110V Plug Industrial Lock Out - Martindale PL8
110V Plug Lock out Martindale PL8 This industrial plug lockout completely encloses 110 Volt 16A and 32A plugs to prevent accidental reconnection.
Once the plug is inserted, the lock out device should be locked with a secure padlock and completed with a warning tag. Suitable for use with most plugs up to and including 32A
110V Lock Out Plug
Martindale PL8

Was £14.95

Only £12.50
Click here to add the Martindale PL8 to your basket
Fluke SP1000 Printer Code: FLUKE SP1000

Fluke SP1000 PAT Certificate Printer
Fluke SP1000
The Fluke SP1000 mini printer allows instant, on-site printing of pat test results from both the Fluke 6200 PAT tester or the Fluke 6500 PAT testers. The Fluke SP1000 will print a miniature PAT certificate on a paper receipt directly on-site, which can act as you paper trail for your PAT results. An additonal adapter, that comes supplied with the SP1000, can be permanently connected to the printer as the Fluke SP1000 printer will automatically select trickle charge to prevent the printer from being overloaded.

Was £475.00

Only £415.00

Click here to add the Fluke SP1000 Mini Printer to your basket
Fluke SP1000 Printer Rolls Code: FLUKE SP1000 PAPER ROLLS

Printer roll for the Fluke SP1000 Printer
Fluke SP1000 Paper roll for use with the Fluke/Robin SP1000 printer. Price is per roll.

Only £10.00

Click here to add a printer roll for Fluke SP1000 Printer to your basket
Barcode Scanner (CT Series)

Barcode Scanner (CT Series)
Compatible with Seaward Apollo or Fluke 6500-2 PAT Testers, this barcode scanner can quickly scan an appliance ID bar code label for instant recognition, allowing previous test data and appliance information to be recalled on the PAT tester screen. A vital tool for electricians and engineers looking for fast and accurate method of portable appliance recognition.

Only £89.00

Click here to add a Barcode Scanner (CT Series) to your basket
Fluke SP6000 Mini Printer

Fluke SP6000 Mini Printer
A lightweight and highly portable serial-style printer, designed for use with Fluke's 6200-2 and 6500-2 PAT testers. Perfect for quick and easy printing of your testing records and receipts.

Only £329.00

Click here to add a Fluke SP6000 Mini Printer to your basket

Prices do not include Carriage & packing charged + VAT @ 20%
UK mainland deliveries

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